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    The Sentencing Guidelines App for Android is designed for use upon selected Android devices and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. The Sentencing Guidelines App for Android requires all of the following important prerequisites:

    1. Android operating system v2.3 Gingerbread or later.
    2. Google Play app store installed and supported upon the tablet device.
    3. 100Mb storage space upon a mounted SDCard or equivalent internal storage

    The Sentencing Guidelines App allows a Magistrate to quickly find and Favourite offences from a Court listing and to manage these guidelines quickly on the Bench.

    The customised tools such as Fine Calculator, Drink Drive Rehabilitation Dates or Speeding grid are designed with large fonts to assist Bench discussion and Pronouncements. Similarly Bench page numbers are large to help digital Magistrates to assist their paper-based colleagues.

    Magistrates can also add their own documents into the Application, for example, including local Bench letters or advice from Justices’ Clerks into My Documents via the device’s USB interface. These documents can be added to Favourites in support of specific court types.

    The following YouTube videos provide an introduction to the key parts of the App including using Favourites to manage a Court session.

  • Sentencing Guidelines for Android & Kindle Fire HD
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    Purchase and Download

    Sentencing Guidelines for Android is available from Google Play here and for Amazon Kindle Fire HD here or click the appropriate store buttons to the right.


    App Tips and Solutions

    We have a number of App Solutions that will help you make the most of your app. These include guides for customising your app, and maintaining it so that you can fix many potential problems should they arise, as well as information about the various tools you will find at your disposal.

    You can find the Android solutions here.

    Training Videos

    This is a list of our Sentencing Guidelines for Android training resources:

    1 Overview for Sentencing Guidelines Android

    2 Portrait or Landscape Navigation

    3 Viewer for Offences & contents

    4 Creating Favourites from Offences & Indexes

    5 Fines Calculator

    6 Speeding Grid

    7 Driver disqualification dates calculator and rehabilitation course dates