Sentencing Guidelines App

The complete Solicitors & Magistrates Court App

Annual Subscription for Judicial Updates

The Sentencing Guidelines App contains judicial information from a number of sources including electronic data from the following organisations:

  • Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines and all Definitive Guidelines issued and maintained by The Sentencing Council.
  • Adult, Family and Youth Court bench books from the Judicial College.
  • Adult, Family, Youth Court and Welsh pronouncement cards also from the Judicial College.
  • CPS Legal Guidelines issued and maintained by the Crown Prosecution Service.
  • Dangerous Offender Guidelines
  • Sexual Offences (Crown Court)
  • Courts in England and Wales published by the Courts & Tribunal Finder.
  • Other miscellaneous information including Search Warrants, Dealing in Absence and Bail guidelines.

The first-year total price for the Sentencing Guidelines App is £49.98 comprising the purchase of the App from Apple iTunes (£24.99) and an Annual Subscription (£24.99) for the maintenance of this judicial information. The App does not provide an initial period of Annual Subscription.