Legal Resources

Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines, Definitive Guidelines, Crown Court, Court Bench Books. Facility to include own legal references & client matters to App. Find all references to a subject from searchable index; available offline. Favourite items from search results.

Favourites & Flagged

Bookmark offences from offence guidelines, references & guidance for quick access in court. Bookmark items as flagged to general references frequently needed.

Fines calculators

Sentencing Guidelines includes the most comprehensive set of fines calculators, including Fines Band A to F with victim surcharge with adjustable fine percentage. The overweight vehicles fines calculator helps calculate fine for overweight vehicle and multiple axles.

Date calculators

Adjournment dates, disqualification & drink drive rehabilitation course dates calculation.

Sentencing Council

The Sentencing Guidelines App includes the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines issued by The Sentencing Council.
This is provided in two existing formats with the Adoble PDF format and HTML web-based pages. Includes all of the Definitive Guidelines for Magistrates' Court, Crown Court & Sexual Offences. All judicial references can be accessed via offence index with offline search function. Any legal reference can be bookmarked as a favourite for quick reference in Court.

Judicial College

Comprehensive legal guidance and documentation from the Judicial College including Adult, Family, Youth & Crown Court Bench Books. Includes Pronouncement Cards for Adult, Family, Youth & Welsh courts.


(Available with an active subscription) CPS Legal Guidance is the definitive reference for Court Legal Advisors at Magistrates and Crown Court. This searchable index provides an offline index to this legal guidance. Items from CPS Legal Guidance can be bookmarked for quick reference in Court.

Magistrates and Judges may add their own content vie email or file transfer utility (iTunes, USB). Bespoke content is searchable and can be bookmarked as favourite.

Fine calculators

Fines calculator for Fine Bands A to F including e.g.p. or percentage discount from guilty plea; court costs; victim surcharge & compensation. Adjustable fine percentage for mitigation or aggravated fines.

Overweight vehicles

Overweight vehicles fine calculator supporting driver, owner, company; gross vehicle weight & multiple axle calculation.

Drink driver rehabilitation course dates

Calculation for drink driver disqualification & rehabilitation course dates compliant with p183 item 20 of the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines. This comprises course completed by and last day of reduced disqualification dates. Includes the facility to amend date to start of interim disqualification date where required.

Adjournment dates Community orders

Date calculation for short disqualification for other motoring offences (e.g. days or weeks), community order or suspended sentence order completion dates up to a 36 month completion date.

Pronouncement cards

The presiding justice (Chairman) is required to pronounce sentence in a clear and structured way. The Pronouncement builder allows the justice to collate and order a number of pronouncement cards to improve their pronouncement accuracy. These can be cherry-picked from all available pronouncement cards and reordered to suit the most appropriate order for sentencing.

Pronouncement cards

The Sentencing Guidelines App maintains all the pronouncement cards for Courts; adult, family, youth, oedolion, teulu and ieuenctid (including welsh language support).

Court locations

Offline contact details and locations for all Courts & Tribunals in Engand and Wales. Links to Google Maps which does require an internet connection for live map view. Support for iPad & iPhone devices.

Search warrants

Handy references for search warrants & checklist, trial form, police information, various court oaths.

Guideline fines

The Judicial College quick reference guidelines fines for fine bands A to C, showing min & max, RWI unemployed & employed matrix maintained by the App.

Court directions

Court directions when case adjourned for trial including 21-day deadline for serving of evidence & unused evidence.

The App is available via the following App vendors. Search the app store for "SentencingGuidelines" or click the your platform button from your device.

Be Ito
Why didn't the MoJ make an offer to licence the Sentencing Guidelines App? They've spent loads of tax payers money on software that is just not fit for purpose, incomplete and embarassingly slow to use in Court. We're sticking with Nick's App!

- John L

Be Ito
Fabulous unbelievable. I am a Magistrate and this is the best App I have ever come across.

- Be Ito

Recommended to any JP - saves carrying the large folder, easy navigation, app refreshed for updates regularly, easy to search ... and since I purchased the app it keeps being updated with more functionality, so gets better.

- J.S.K. JP

I loaded the sentencing guidelines from the JSB but had trouble using them with Evernote. Took ages to locate the Pronouncements, again encountering similar problems. Decided to purchase Nick's app. Only regret, not gettting it sooner. Well done Nick!!

Jo. R. JPApple iTunes Customer Review

MCA Court a doddle with fines calculator! Did my first motoring court using the Ambay App. I reckon we got home at least an hour early thanks to the fine calculator.

Bob Malloy Apple iTunes Customer Review

I have followed this app from the beginning and the latest version exceeds my expectations in so many areas, the development that has gone into it has made the tasks on the bench so much easier. In particular the menu on the tools makes it excellent and so easy to use. Well done to Nick and his team.

JRC46 Apple iTunes Customer Review